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Women & Child Development


We all know, adolescent girls, women and children are very important elements in our society. These elements have to face many issues; especially the issues related to food, nutrition, health and education. So if these elements are made aware about these issues they can face it successfully and will advance on the path of growth and prosperity.


Considering this fact, our organization has created awareness and educational material kit for adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating mothers and preschool kids. The material created by us covers various issues and uses various media such as Booklets, Flip Charts, Flash Cards, Activity Kit, Diary and Calendar.


The project is divided into three parts as follows:

Mi Swayamsiddha: Awareness material kit for adolescent girls.

Janani: Awareness material kit for pregnant and lactating women.

Shiku Anande: Educational Material for Preschool kids.


Books will be available in Indian languages as per the customer's requirement.