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The hand made paper factory has quite a story to tell. This great institution was the dream child of the father of our nation ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ who not only envisioned it but also brought it to fruition. It was established just at the right time -when there was a dire need to strengthen the home economy by lending vital support to the Khadi & Village Industries and ensuring a means of livelihood to the common man.

Thus when on the 1st August 1940 the Hand Made Paper Industry was inaugurated at the hands of Shri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, it symbolized the establishment of a new order and a grand tradition.


HMPI was to play a prominent role at every important juncture in the nation’s journey and soon became the very fabric of Indian consciousness. And as the years and decades rolled by it was as though a mysterious hand had chosen HMPI to be the very parchment on which every significant event could be recorded for posterity. Then be it, a momentous occasion such as the drafting of the constitution of India - which its author Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar drafted on paper which was specially made by HMPI or the wedding of Shri Rajiv Gandhi with Sonia Gandhi, where the invites were designed using HMPI paper. Thus from official letter heads of Indian bureaucrats to even the personal letter heads of the President & Prime minister….. to official registers, ledgers, commercial paper and legal stationery

HMPI truly made  the correspondence of free India possible.

In terms of sheer quality and grade HMPI paper had already created a niche market for itself domestically and with ‘Ajanta’ a special brand of paper for art work  HMPI  gained acclaim even internationally as  it is an environment friendly paper which can be recycled and reused! A novel concept indeed in those times!


Like all good things must go through change, HMPI too has had its share of disasters. From a glorious start and a great innings abroad HMPI had trouble on home turf. It came in the form of government regulations and interference. The paper industry being strictly a commercial enterprise with production schedules and time lines soon found itself floundering due to undue red tapism and bureaucratic interference.

Slowly but surely the cracks started appearing in this mammoth enterprise and due to unavailability of ready finance, delays in management decisions & policy changes the production soon dwindled to a trickle. What was once a giant now stood in utter ruins and the government soon giving it the status of a white elephant declared it a sick unit.


As it is said “you can’t keep a good man down for long” so is the case with HMPI. The Government realized that HMPI is after all a heritage site and should be preserved in full functional form. Going by past experiences, this time however, the government decided to revive HMPI by handling its operations and management to the expert care of private enterprise. And when tenders were floated for this purpose MS Publishers and Printers a private establishment undertook the responsibility of raising this phoenix from the ashes and HMPI was back again to tell its tale and retain its lost glory!


When MS Publishers and Printers took over the task on the 1st June 2010 they were greeted by a deplorable site- HMPI in utter rack and ruin. The premises where once a busy operation ran now stood desolate and full of weeds. The buildings were dilapidated and there was water seepage everywhere. The machinery which was languishing there had rusted and indeed not even worth the paper it once rolled out.


Never to run away from a challenge MS Publishers and Printers and soon turned the entire factory up and running once more. Little by little inch by inch old and new workers toiled away under the new management’s able guidance and created a wonderful success  story…one which the good ole HMPI paper would have been proud to record.
The winds of change ….

  • New wiring and cabling
  • Extended storage capacity for raw material and finished products
  • Total production is 2-3 tons which is way beyond the projected figures.
  • Improving facilities for the 55-60 workers. Their payment was revised in the first year itself. They were given proper uniforms and healthy environment in the premises. Security measures were improved with installation of cctv and 24hrs security at the gate
  • A brand new creative showroom which sells creative hand made paper products and presentation articles under the BRAND name ‘PAPERTELLS’
  • A unique showroom created out of paper which is an outstanding example of ergonomic engineering


Papertells….the all new creative wing of MS Publishers and Printers

Papertells is the brand name of the product lines of HMPI in its new avatar. There is a special space for the showroom where these product lines are displayed along with other artworks. Here one can see the entire range of amazing paper work…right from small notepads to diaries, to paper mache models , greeting cards to official ledgers, journals, log books, legal paper. Papertells took a chance to create 56 articles made from Paper for IEC (Information, Education & Communication) material for the Women & Child Development and Education Department. Under this project, HMPI also got a chance to supply this material to 1,00,000 anganwadi’s all over Maharashtra. Papertells exhausts all possibilities of what one can do with paper and creative vision.

The philosophy of HMPI …Green Paper all the way!

Save Trees –Save Earth is the profound philosophy behind the new HMPI’s endeavor. And truly it lives up to its convictions for NO trees are used in making the paper and as a socially responsible organization it ensures that it takes awareness drives to contribute to the ‘Green Drive’. Every employee in this factory has taken the pledge towards service to nature and there are strict quality norms against such hazards. For promoting the green way of life various artists, sculptures and landscape designers are encouraged to promote environment themed work-shops, exhibitions and related activities so that the message can reach maximum number in a short span.  A special mention here would be that under the expert guidance of Dr Diwakar Dengale, Elephant Size Handmade Paper is the all new attraction at HMPI. The new management has received accolades for the manner in which they have unfurled their creative vision.

The people who have made this possible

The new outfit is run by MS Publishers & printers pvt ltd .The true face of the new HMPI is Mrs Chitra Mete & Mr Jitendra Sonar.

Chitra Mete
who is a GD Commercial art and who has had extensive experience in the advertising & media fields besides being involved in various prestigious educational projects on behalf of the government.

If creative force comes from Mrs Chitra Mete, technology is Shri Sonar’s forte. Shri Sonar, an expert in printing technology has exploded many myths about ‘Paper designing, Printing and Methodologies used. His indefatigable efforts have yielded great results for HMPI. In just a span of two years the management has created a marvel out of dust, and that too, by adhering to every single rule and regulation that is applicable in the manufacture of paper. Every conceivable angle be it factory capacity, infrastructure, design, decoration, employee welfare, creative department, environment consciousness …

The new management has proved by example and made the seemingly impossible possible.